I’m a chameleon of sorts, when it comes to fashion. I tend to switch my styles like people switch their underwear–every day.I can’t seem to make my mind up on what kind of fashion I want to wear. And why should I? There’s so many facets to my personality, why shouldn’t my fashion match that fact? It’s not like there’s a limited amount of fashion styles out there, and I am going to take advantage of that fact.

One day I wear faded, bootcut blue jeans, a sandy-brown leather belt, heavy tan hiking boots, a red and white plaid long sleeve shirt with a soft, long-sleeve maroon undershirt, some feather earrings and my silver canoe necklace. I take my dogs hiking or walking through the local hay field, where they dive into the river that runs next to it. They come up drenched, shaking their fur. I need something that is going to reflect the fact that I love the outdoors, that I adore being dragged around by my dirty, muddy dogs. That fashion style suits that facet of my personality.

Other days I wear worn but tight-fitting jeans, a fitted t-shirt with superman and Dr. Who on it underneath a black boyfriend blazer, with hot pink converse sneakers on my feet. I have hot pink swirly earrings on, fishnet gloves over my fingers, ebony eyeliner on with dark pink lipstick and black-rimmed glasses. I’m an intellectual, a nerd, a rebel, and I like to show it. I am proud of who I am, and I don’t care what people think.

Some days I am wearing a black pencil skirt, ebony leather flats, a floral top, pearls, neutral makeup. I have a book tucked underneath my arm, and I’m sipping coffee. I’m probably attending class or waiting for an interview.

The point is, if you’re like me, with many facets to your personality, where you can fit in with basically any kind of social group, then your closet probably reflects that. I have sweaters, skirts, jeans, fishnets, nerdy t-shirts, tons of different-colored camis, sneakers, high heels, flats, cowboy boots, plaid shirts, peplum blouses, colored bows for my hair, tons of different styles of earrings–animal studs, feathers, chain earrings, pearls, flowers. There’s so many options for fashion, and why not take advantage of that? Fashion is supposed to reflect your personality, who you are deep down, so embrace who you are on the inside and let it shine outward!


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