Resident Evil: A Review

So I went on a date last night–second date, peeps, it’s going good!–to see the new Resident Evil movie. So keep in mind the following–I never played the games, and I don’t do well with horror movies, but zombie movies I can usually handle okay. With that said, I thought the movie was pretty good, albeit kind of drawn out, but at the same time felt really short. Whether that was because I was on a date and didn’t want the movie to end, or because all the good action was at the very end of the movie, I couldn’t tell you. -Insert shoulder shrug here- In any case, the movie went over well for me. I was jumping out of my skin throughout the entirety of the movie, which had my date laughing at me–guess that’s a good sign, right?

However, I do feel like the middle of the movie just kind of dragged on. There were some things I didn’t quite get. There was an awesome action scene at the beginning of the movie, this weird zombie/demon/dragon creature that could fly, and Mila Jovovich ran it down with a Hum-V(Hummer? Pretty sure it was military grade, but who knows?). Then the middle felt drawn out, like a long race where you’re tied together with another person and you have to work together with two of your legs tied as one, and it takes forever to get to the finish line. That’s how I felt about the middle of the movie. Also, in the end, Mila Jovovich releases the anti-virus, which is supposed to kill anything that was contaminated by the T-Virus. Umm, Alice(Mila Jovovich’s character) is contaminated by the T-Virus, right? She’s a clone of the original little girl, she has/had these awesome super powers that allow her to kick zombie butt. But, she doesn’t die. Conveniently, apparently the anti-virus only killed the T-Virus cells that were in her body, leaving everything else in tact. Seems like an easy out to me, but whatever.

I give the movie a 4 out of 5, just because there were parts that just seemed like filler, some parts were an easy out, but there was action and zombies, and badassness, so it was still good.



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