Animal Totem

If I were to be one animal in all the world, I would say I am most like the wolf. No, this is not because a wolf is beautiful and powerful. It is *not* because it is like a dog but more wild. My reasoning is not as frivolous as all that, I’m not trying to boost my ego but actually look at the similarities that are actually there. And although I do have Native American blood running through my veins, I am not saying that this is my designated “Animal Totem” per se, as I have not been an active member in a tribe, so I do not say that I am like them in their culture. I am just looking at the characteristics of the animal and at my characteristics and making connections.

Wolves are pack animals. They care for their pack members, who are usually all connected as family. They all tend the little ones, they all protect each other from outside danger. I myself am very protective of my family. I don’t like it when somebody not within the family causes any mental or physical harm to members of my family and I get rather protective. I also am always willing to help take care of the children in my family; my sister always used to have me tend to my nephews when she had to go and do something, when I was married I was devoted to taking care of my niece, and I love that aunt-nephew/niece relationship. It defines me as a person, the role of aunt.

Wolves are more scared of humans than we are of them. Usually they will do everything they can to avoid human contact and only instigate it when necessary, whether it is for protection or food. I myself am not a big people-person. I prefer to keep to those that I know, and avoid scenarios where I will be required to be near strangers. When I have to, like for work or dr’s appointments and the like, I will put myself out there and make those human connections, but if I don’t have to, I prefer to be home with my dogs and cats, or with my family and maybe a few close friends. Crowds of strangers stress me out.

Wolves are very intelligent animals. From the way that they hunt to the way that they organize and manage their pack, it is obvious that they are very clever. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty intelligent person. Life-wise, maybe not so much–Ha!–but when it comes to other things, like fixing something without the proper tools, or how to get people to come to see my side of things, I am pretty smart.

Wolves are very independent creatures, needing space and freedom to be the amazing creatures that they are. I am the same. I need my freedom. I need to be able to make my own choices, live my life how I see fit, where what I want, go where I want. When somebody, whether it is family, friends, or a romantic partner, try to control what I do, whether it is intentionally done or not, I start to feel trapped and need to get out of that situation before I am stuck in one that I have been in before. And don’t even get me started on space! Living in a town where I am surrounded by other houses/apartments, with no forest in sight, drives me nuts! I need to feel the connection of nature to be completely happy. Right now, I don’t have that and I miss it! Eventually I will have that, and I won’t feel claustrophobic or trapped and everything will be great.

So when I say I connect with the wolf most, these are the reasons why. These are the reasons why the wolf is tattooed on my skin, why I collect anything remotely related to wolves. Not because I am being vain and frivolous, but because there is truly a connection to be made there.



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