Happy Place

We all have that one place in the whole wide world that makes our lives complete, that allows us to escape the hustle and bustle that is our every day lives and relax within that place, whether it is a 1920s-themed club where everybody is dancing in glittering flapper dresses and the men are dressed in classy suits, or a coffee shop, the smell of organic coffee wafting through your nostrils, acoustic indie music playing live in the background as you click away at the keyboard in front of you.

For me, that place is in the middle of the woods. Tall, deep green pine trees towering over me, nothing but the sound of the wind whispering through the branches and birds calling out to each other–that is my happy place. I love taking the dog(s) deep into the forest and just walking for hours, just my feet and their paws pounding on the soil, nobody but us and the wilderness out there. I have found that any time where I am depressed, stressed or lonely, I just need to go out into the woods in order to center myself.

I have to thank my sister Samantha for this. When I was in high school, I was going through a lot of tough times. My mother, who had been abusive, was trying to get custody in the face of the public but still trying to run me over with her truck when she saw me walking to and from school. I was living with a father who I hadn’t known since I was 4. My Diabetes was so out of control that I was sick a lot of the time. On top of that, I was going through the normal hormones that any 14 year old would be going through. Needless to say, I was a rebellious mess of a child.

The only time I felt at peace with myself was when I would go out to my sister’s piece of property in Anson, on the Burns Rd. It was located on 400 acres of tree forest, owned by her in-laws, and her and her now-ex husband had a small trailer out in the middle of the woods there. There was a trail in the back of the trailer that led out into the woods, and during the day, my sister, my nephew and her army of cats and her amazing dog Tamra would go walking through that many-acreage of pine. It was so quiet–no sounds of town with it’s honking horns and whistling mills–it was easy to feel at peace out there.

Since then, I have found that any time that I am feeling out of sorts–and until recently, that was a lot of the time–all I need to do is take a walk into the woods and all will be well. I feel calm, like I am getting back to nature, connecting to the earth in a way that is only able to be done when away from any signs of humanity.

That is my happy place.

What is yours?


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