5 Ways to Win My Heart

I may have written this in a previous entry, but sometimes I go on to Pinterest and try to find things to write about. Because, well, sometimes the ideas don’t flow and you just need to write anyway. So I go there, because Pinterest is basically just a huge pool of ideas for those who are running on E. While I was there, I saw this one thing that said to write about the five ways to win your heart. Now, this isn’t something I think about a lot. However, I do know what I like, and I know that if a guy wanted to win me over, he would play to my interests. So here goes nothing.

1.) If a guy wanted to win my heart, then he would have to love animals. My animals. All five of them. The two hyper dogs and the three sassy cats. All the fur that sticks to the couch and the coats and the bath towels(no matter how hard I try, with this many animals, there’s just always fur). He’d know that rescuing animals is near and dear to my heart and try to help me with that goal as much as he could. He’d take them out for me in the morning before I even woke up, he’d walk them for me on his lunch break if he was in the area. He’d take them for car rides and beach trips and hikes up the mountains. With me too, of course. He’d love my animals as much as I do and show me that he did every single day.

2.) He’d be a nerd with me. Even if he didn’t understand the appeal of my nerdness. He’d watch anime with me, he’d marathon Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies with me over a weekend with popcorn, pizza and candy. He’d share nerdy things with me on my Facebook page just to make me smile. He’d go to conventions with me, play nerdy games with me, read the books that make me so excited because they are just so amazingly nerdy and fantastical. Because to love somebody is to love their quirks, and my nerdiness is definitely a quirk of mine.

3.) If a guy wanted to get close to me, to win my heart, he’d show concern over my Diabetes. He’d ask me questions about my Diabetes, he’d research it to know what to look for in case I’m not feeling well. He’d want to go to doctors appointments with me(once we were more serious) to know what was going on with my health. He’d make sure to offer me healthy food choices so I am not able to succumb to the urge to eat junk food all the time, because that’s a huge flaw of mine. He’d stay up with me at night if I was having a high blood sugar and couldn’t go to bed, he’d wake up with me in the middle of the night if I had a low blood sugar so that I wouldn’t faint and hit my head and die. He’d care for me and show me that he cared.

4.) He’d surprise me. Flowers at work. Funko sitting on the counter when I walk through the door. A rental from Redbox for the night. The bed made and laundry put away when I was planning on doing it. Random hugs from behind. Ice cream treats on a sunny Sunday afternoon. A walk through the field with the dogs. A drive around Rangeley lakes. Just the gesture of thought when I wasn’t expecting it, to show that somebody truly cares about me.

5.) He’d treat me like an equal. None of this, “Man of the house” bullshit. We’re equal partners and neither one of us has the right to decide for the other. Talking through things, coming to a compromise or agreement, that kind of thing is attractive. I would never give my heart to somebody who would treat me as inferior to them because I am a woman and he is a man.

Those are the main things that will win my heart. There are other things, but not as major as those are. With these five deeds, a man would be able to walk through the door to my life and win me over with ease.

What is it that wins your heart?



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