Single Pringle x2

So where I live–Rural Maine–it’s really hard to meet people once you’re out of school.  We’re spread out, there’s not many of us, and the ones that are out there are either taken, not batting for your team or just not good. I use dating sites–OKCupid and POF–and even then, finding somebody that is a good guy that I would actually be interested in who is NOT taken is very hard to find. I get messages from people from out of the country, men that have giant holes in their ears and their pants falling down their arses, or men that are just looking for a hook-up. The worst part is, they always seem nice at first, and then later on, when I’m all like, “Yeah, I’ve been talking to this guy, he seems nice/funny/smart!”, then he ends up being a guy with a massive drug addiction, or doesn’t have a job or car or his own apartment(I can deal with one of those flaws, not multiples of them), or we’re just not compatible. And then my friends are like, “So how’s it going with that guy?” and I have to be all like, “It’s not.”


This meme reminds me of that lol.




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