Maine Heat

Up until recently, up here in Maine(up in comparison to the rest of the United States anyway), we’ve had pretty decent weather. And by decent, I mean 60 degrees during the day, 40 degrees at night–no need for a heater in the daytime and no need for an air conditioner in the evening(I like to sleep in the cold, like, the colder the better). But for the past couple weeks, the weather has bounced from 60 degree weather to 90 degree weather and back. Then today…


Yeah… 92 degrees. From 60 degree weather to 92 degree weather in the span of a day. It was unbearable. And in Maine, we don’t just have heat, we have humidity on top of heat. Imagine swimming in a hot spring in all of your clothes on, and that might be close to what it is like in Maine when it is hot. You basically feel like you are drowning.

I live in a second story apartment above a garage. Second floor apartments always are hotter, because, you know, heat rises. And when there’s nobody below you to cool down the air, all that hot air just gets stuck in your home. I plugged in the ACs, but I can only run one at a time because the wiring is crappy in this old place, and it barely takes the edge off the air. The windows are old, and so there’s gaps that the air can escape in and out of, which kind of defeats the purpose of cooling down the air.

So the dogs and I suffered through the weather, panting and sweating, sitting in front of the giant AC my friend loaned me for the summer because they have a few of their own and they barely use them–they’re in their 60s and they like it warmer. I didn’t cook, I just made a pasta salad, made sure the animals had plenty of water, and made sure all the lights were off to help keep it darker and cooler in here. But they still suffered through it. My poor kitties were sprawled across the hard wood floors–even they didn’t like the heat, and cats love sitting in the sun. I felt like I was melting, it was so bad.


In any case, we made it through the day–barely–and enjoyed the nice AC in the bedroom when we went to bed, as that is a small room and easier to cool down. Plus I have it so that the AC is level with the bed, so it feels like an ice cold fan blowing on me when I sleep. The pups definitely appreciated that.

How do you guys deal with the heat? I look forward to your responses!





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