Hey guys! Haven’t written in a bit–been super hectic. Short update version: I started a second job, I moved, I started doing some fostering for a local animal shelter. I will post some long-winded updates later on, but I wanted to let you all know that I’m alive and well and will be back shortly!

5 Pet Peeves

I’m going to do these from least annoying to most annoying. 5 to 1.

5. Not flushing the toilet or putting the seat down. –That’s just gross, come on now.

4. Acting like my dogs are your dogs, that they love you as much as they love me. –I feed them, play with them, groom them, pay for their food and vet bills, take them out every morning and night; therefore, no, they are not your dogs, and no they do not love you more than me.

3. Laughing or chuckling at me when I say I’m doing something, or that I have this opinion, or that I want something. –I’m almost fn 30 years old! I’m not a child, whose ideas are naive but cute. When I am saying I am writing a damned book, that’s not your moment to go, teehee, you’re so cute, you think you’re writing a novel, aww, what a cutie. THIS IS WHAT I WENT TO SCHOOL FOR!!! Not so that I could become a teacher, so that I COULD WRITE A DAMNED BOOK AND BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!! STOP TREATING ME LIKE MY PLANS ARE UNREACHABLE, THAT I AM UNREALISTIC, OR THAT I AM NAIVE!!! I am not less than you because I am creative, I am not less than you because my goals are more long term and harder to reach. So stop laughing at me like I’m foolish. It’s infuriating.

2. Feet. Just gross. Sweaty, stinky feet. In my face, near my body, near my hands. Just no. It’s fn nasty.

1. Showing up at my home uninvited, unannounced. NO. JUST FN NO. I am a VERY PRIVATE person. I don’t like people coming to my home, expecting me to answer the door and invite them in, or making time for them, without my knowing about it and giving my permission first. I’m a hermit for most of my time–I don’t like people, I like being alone with my pets and my thoughts, and I don’t want people intruding on that. Plus if I am in the middle of something–school work, writing on my novel, even chores–I don’t want to have to break my train of thought, my creativity, my gumption, just to make time for somebody who didn’t even respect me enough to ask if I was up for company. DONT DO THIS!!!

Final Destination

For as long as I can remember, my sister has been my role model, my best friend, the mother figure in my life. She is an amazing person. She is the hardest worker I know–she’s a mother, works part time at a call center, works full time as a beekeeper, farmer, and producer of amazing bee-friendly products. She runs her local farmer’s market, constantly gives workshops and goes into schools to educate children on the importance of pollinators. She is an impressive woman.

Ironically enough, her farm is called Runamuk Acres. This was originally due to her two boys, always playing in the mud and running around being crazy kids. However, these past couple years, it describes her farm very well. Having been through a divorce after 15 years, she has now become landless. As a farmer, that is one of the biggest obstacles you can have–that and not having the money to grow your farm into a productive business. Without the room to grow, she can’t make more money, and without the money, she can’t get the land she needs to live her dream of becoming a conservation farm.

She has found the perfect property for what she wants to do, in the town that I spent most of my childhood in. It’s got an old farmhouse, a barn, and 100 acres of land. It’s beautiful and she has made an offer for the place.

However, she needs more money to make a down-deposit on the place. So! She has started a GoFundMe in the hopes of raising enough money to get the sellers to give her the place.

I am sharing the link below. Please. PLEASE. Share the heck out of it. Donate if you can–even a dollar is appreciated. But if you can’t donate your money, donate a moment of your time and share this link on your Facebooks, your Twitter accounts, your Tumblers, your blogs–share it wherever you can. It just takes a moment.

Thank you everybody!

Runamuk Apiaries GoFundMe

Dancing On My Own

Like anything else, being single has its pros and cons. Goal for today is a bullet list with a list for each.


  1. No sharing the bed (except with the dogs and cats)
  2. No being pushed for sex when not in the mood
  3. Watch whatever you want on the bloob tube
  4. No foods in the house that you don’t like
  5. No relationship drama
    1. jealousy
    2. anger
    3. sadness
  6. No dirty socks and underwear around the house(okay, there’s still socks everywhere, but they’re mine!)
  7. Nobody but you takes the last cup of coffee in the morning
  8. The music being played is stuff you actually like
  9. None of that, “I can’t find -insert object-!” and it being right underneath their noses
  10. You don’t have to explain where you’ve been, where you’re going, who you’re with, etc
  11. Can laze around in pjs without having to worry about being cute
  12. Eating junk food whenever you want without getting paranoid that you’re being judged, especially if you eat the ice cream out of the container instead of putting it in a dish (because that just dirties more dishes and is wasteful) (Added 8/28/17)
    1. Although I don’t eat a lot of junk food, because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a diabetic.



  1. No cuddles
  2. No sex
  3. Waking up alone (not including dogs and cats)
  4. Nobody takes care of you when you’re sick
  5. Nobody to drink coffee with in the morning
  6. Every sad song seems to be about you
  7. Nobody to count on when life gets hard
  8. Nobody to go and do things with, such as day trips and going to the movies
  9. Can’t watch romance movies without getting depressed (Sorry, Jane Austen, I’ve taken a hiatus from you for now)
  10. Nobody to take the dogs out for you if you’re at work, or if you’re sick, or if you’re tired as f*** (Added 8/28/17)

This list will be added to every now and then when I think of something else.

The Irregular at Magic High School

I’m a huge Otaku. For those of you who do not know what that is, an otaku is somebody who loves the Japanese culture, more specifically, the manga and anime that come from the country. When I was little, I watched Princess Mononoke with my big brother, and I was hooked. My sister also loved Hayao Miyazake, a Japanese animator, and so she cultured me in my love for the art-form that is Japanese animation. I grew up watching Howl’s Moving Castle, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon. Needless to say, this love for anime has formed me into the person that I am today.

I’ve been re-watching this one show called The Irregular at Magic High School, or Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei in Japanese. I’ve seen it before, but my Netflix membership is running out soon, and with the inability to re-subscribe, I wanted to get my fill of anime that I didn’t own. So I rewatched this anime.

For people who do this, I am sure you can relate to the experience of rewatching something you have already seen. You start to notice things you didn’t before. You can read characters better, you can notice how there are foreshadowing details within the story line, and you can notice details better. This is because you aren’t just focused on the storyline itself anymore, due to the fact that you have already seen it before.

With this specific anime, I definitely noticed things. Mainly, the gaps within the story line. Also I noticed the fact how these gaps are never filled in. The two main characters, brother and sister Shiba, have this weird sibling/forbidden love going on. It’s obvious that the sister is in love with the brother, and that the brother has devoted his life to making his sister happy and safe. It seems, as a writer, that there is more to the two characters’ relationship than sibling bonding. I would say that there is a secret to the two, that they are not really related. But that doesn’t get cleared up in the anime. It is just left hanging. Sometimes this happens when the idea of a second series is being planned on. But I’ve come to realize as a writer that you cannot leave things like this left in the air in the hopes that a second novel will be written, and that the readers will indeed read the next book. You have to finish all the main parts of the story within that one book, or series in this case, because you might not get a chance to do another one, or worse, if you don’t finish the story, you might lose readers, or watchers.

Another thing that I noticed while rewatching this series is that the brother, Tatsuya, has these amazing magical skills. The healing skill is explained. This also explains why he can’t use other types of magic. But what isn’t explained is why he has no emotions. It is mentioned in passing by side characters that Tatsuya was used as a lab tester, but they never went into details. Is this why Tatsuya can’t feel emotions? And why did that happen?

The series was a good one, for sure. The graphics were great, the characters were interesting. Yet there were just a lot of details that were missing that would have added to this series. Due to that, I give this series a 3 out of 5.

Life: Updated

So I managed to get a car with the help of a good friend of mine. It’s a 2013 Ford Focus SE Hatchback. 64K miles on it. It’s a great little car for me to learn on. I also got my Driver’s Test date back, which I go for on the 22nd. I start my new job at the same school I have been subbing at the day after my test. Got some debt taken care of with the help of the same friend. So things are looking up for me. I just need to find a small part time job where I can work maybe 10 hours a week, and then I will be good to go.


My life has not always been the easiest life. Granted, there are those out there who have it way worse, and I do not deny that in comparison to those people, my life is great. However, in comparison to others, my life is still pretty measly. I don’t have money in savings, nor does my job pay me enough to break even. I can’t drive myself around (yet) and I am always eager to see extra groceries that people bring me or my animals. I don’t have a lot of friends and even the ones I do have either do not live close enough to see or they are too busy to hang out with me. My family is the same way, at least the ones that actually reach out to me. Without a proper job, means of transportation and a support system, life can be pretty bleak.

Therefore, the things that I can do for myself mean that much more to me. Making my own decisions, paying my own bills, taking care of my own animals–that kind of thing makes a difference to somebody like me. It staves off depression, it staves off desperation. That’s important business right there.

Therefore, people who try to tell me how to live my life, what decisions I should make, how I should dress, speak, or handle situations, drive me nuts. I do not like being told what to do. I know my life is not perfect, I’m young, but that doesn’t mean I am incapable of making my own choices. I don’t need people putting their nose in where it doesn’t belong without invitation from me. I am almost 30. That’s an adult. I’m not a teenager, or somebody just in their 20s who has no life experience. I’ve been through a lot of things in my life, and I can decide what is good for me and what is not.

So kindly stop trying to run my life.


“How do you spend time resting?”

Well, when I’m exhausted, whether it be physically or emotionally/mentally, I tend to watch television or read a book. I turn to anything that will take my mind away from whatever has me exhausted.

Stories have always been that escape for me, ever since I was old enough to read. I grew up in a very unhappy household. My mother was not a very pleasant woman, and my step father could be very dis-likable as well. My father, God rest his soul, was not in the picture till I was in high school. My life has never been easy; for as long as I can remember, I have suffered through life. So stories allowed me to get away from that suffering.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time sitting in my room, a book pressed to my nose(not literally, of course). I would get lost in worlds where girls were strong, independent, who fought off evil with a sword in their hand and good friends at their backs. As I grew older, that didn’t change–my literary world just expanded to involve worlds where men were gentlemen and ladies were witty and strong-willed, or where women shape-shifted into coyotes and ran with packs of werewolves. I would read anything that would bring me release from the troubled life I led.

Now, as an adult, I tend to read a bit less and watch television a bit more(when I was a kid, I never watched television, and watching tv was a form of punishment from my mother). However, my taste in stories, whether in paper form or on the tv, has not changed. I still delve into stories where the strong, independent woman wields dragons against her enemies, or fends off greedy men’s advances in favor of a more genteel suitor. These things, these escapes, are more restful for me than anything else ever could be, especially when my furry Australian Shepherd is curled up in my lap giving me comfort as well. So that’s how I spend my time resting.


I’m not a fussy person, when it comes to relationships. I don’t need fancy jewelry, expensive chocolates and exotic flowers sent to me to impress me. I don’t need to be whisked off to Paris for a weekend of fun. I don’t need 8-week old puppies brought to me daily so I can use them to dry myself off after my daily shower. I don’t need to be taken to fancy restaurants or on shopping sprees to have money blown on me for no good reason. I don’t need any of those things, and I make sure that whoever I am involved with knows this.

I do, however, need the person on the other side of the relationship to show some damned class.

I use dating sites to meet people, because frankly, it’s hard to meet anybody in rural Maine. Especially without a vehicle(hopefully that will be fixed shortly). I know that dating sites are known for their crass members, people looking for one night stands or just somebody for the benefit of the physical relationship. However, I make sure to put in my profile that I am not looking for those things. I let people know right off the bat that though I may not be looking for marriage at the moment, I am definitely not looking for something that only lasts one night.

It’s funny, then, how people approach me on these dating sites. I wish I saved the messages I get from the guys on these things, because some of them are just mind-blowing. I get things like, “hot body” or “hey beautiful” or “wanna get f***ed”. Like, for real, it’s cray-cray the ways some people approach a person for the first time. When I message somebody for the first time, I take a look over their profile, find something that we both have in common and make a pretty lengthy message about the common interest and how it would be worthwhile to get to know each other because of it. Or, if we don’t have much in common, I will ask them about the thing that interests me on their profile, like if they snowboard or whatnot. But no. I get, “You’re hot” or “You’re sexy”. It’s like they don’t even put in an effort, they just see my image on the website and start panting. I’m not even that hot! I’m an average-looking woman, I just dress well and carry myself respectfully.

I guess maybe the reason why this is shocking to me is because I have standards of what I look for in a man. I like a man with class. A man who dresses well, thinks intelligently, has a great sense of humor, who is also into nerdy things such as myself–that’s the kind of man that I look for. I usually look for a man that has an education that is near my own, so that I know that they will appreciate what I have been through to get my education, as well as the fact that I know we will have decent conversations, not just something about sports or whatnot. Maybe these standards are what make me think to myself, what the hell were they thinking by sending me that as their first message.

I guess if the woman who they are messaging with these comments are into that sort of thing and looking for the same outcome, then it will work out for them. It’s just strange that I get them when I put in my profiles that I am looking for something more than a hookup. But then, if they’re not even reading my profile and they come at me like that, then it’s saving me the hassle of getting to know them before they show their true colors. Who knows.

There’s my thoughts for the day. Enjoy.